A Managed Private Wide Area Network (WAN)

Speed up site access and streamline your IT setup with Managed WAN. We offer the ability to privately link all office connections together without the need for Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology, eliminating the need for inter-office data to traverse the public internet. We deliver a business-grade end-to-end connection from your business location(s) to our fully redundant core network with resilient internet gateways, enterprise security and reliability. 

  • Removes the need for separate firewall management at each location

  • Increases site to site access speeds by removing the need to traverse the public internet

  • Provides a single management point for internet security and access monitoring

  • Free-up key internal IT resources leveraging Orca's 24x7 managed service

Orca provides a range of additional services associated with Private WANs including:

  • Co-location

  • Advanced network monitoring

  • Associated professional services


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Managed WAN setup - Orca architecture - V4 white background - 150909 

QoS (Quality of Service)

Quality of Service allows different data types (like time sensitive point-of-sale or voice data) to be prioritised over other data types (like email or youtube). Once prioritised your Orca router will then ensure that the highest priority data is given first access to your internet connection. At times of heavy internet use most internet connections can not transfer data fast enough to meet demand, resulting in slower access and bad call quality. But with Orca's QoS Service we ensure that the most important data is always delivered first, a critical requirement for voice data to deliver call quality at all times. Please call or email to learn how we deliver QoS over low cost UFB connections supporting 25 phone lines and high speed internet over the same low cost UFB connection using its C.I.R (Committed Information Rate).